Easy and Affordable Laundry Room Décor Hacks

Easy and Affordable Laundry Room Décor Hacks

Decorating your laundry room doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Here are some easy and affordable laundry room decor hacks to spruce up the space:

Wall Decals or Stickers:

Add a touch of personality to your laundry room with wall decals or stickers. You can find affordable options with laundry-themed designs, inspirational quotes, or even playful graphics.

Floating Shelves:

Install some floating shelves on the walls to display decorative items, folded towels, or storage baskets. These are not only practical but also add a stylish element to your laundry space.

Paint or Wallpaper:

A fresh coat of paint or some peel-and-stick wallpaper can completely transform the look of your laundry room. Choose light and cheerful colors to make the space feel more inviting.

DIY Artwork:

Create your own artwork to hang on the walls. This can be as simple as framing some fabric with a fun pattern, framing laundry-themed quotes, or even displaying your kids’ artwork.

Laundry Basket Upgrade:

Invest in attractive laundry baskets or hampers that match your decor. Wicker baskets or canvas bins can add a touch of rustic charm to the room.

Rug or Floor Mat:

Lay down a colorful or patterned rug to add warmth and character to your laundry room. Just make sure it’s easy to clean in case of spills or detergent splatters.

Curtains or Valances:

Install curtains or valances on your laundry room windows. Choose fabrics that complement your color scheme and add texture to the space.

Magnetic Chalkboard or Whiteboard:

Hang a magnetic chalkboard or whiteboard on one wall. It can serve as a message board, shopping list, or a place to jot down laundry instructions.

DIY Countertop:

If your laundry room has a folding area, consider adding a DIY countertop made from plywood or an old door. Paint or stain it to match your decor.

Vintage Decor:

Incorporate some vintage or thrifted items like old washboards, mason jars for detergent storage, or antique signs to give your laundry room a nostalgic touch.

Functional Art:

Hang functional items like a pegboard for organizing cleaning supplies or a wall-mounted ironing board to save space and add a unique look.

Baskets and Bins:

Use decorative baskets and bins for organizing laundry supplies. Labels can make them both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Add some indoor plants or succulents to brighten up the space and improve air quality. Choose low-maintenance varieties to keep it easy to care for.

Upgrade Lighting:

If your budget allows, consider changing the lighting fixture in your laundry room. A stylish pendant light or a fun chandelier can make a big difference.

Reuse and Repurpose:

Get creative by repurposing items you already have at home. An old ladder can become a drying rack, and mason jars can store detergent pods or dryer sheets.

Remember that the key to affordable decor is creativity and resourcefulness. Combine these ideas to create a laundry room that not only looks good but also functions well within your budget.