Handy Tips to Get Your Bathroom Renovation Done Right

Handy Tips to Get Your Bathroom Renovation Done Right

Most people can only get the chance to undertake one or two renovations on their space in their lifetime, so you don’t want to waste your money and end up with a renovation you don’t like.

To avoid this, here are some tips to keep in mind before your next bathroom renovation. 

Know What You Don’t Like

Instead of listing what you do like in a bathroom, the better option is to actually just list what you don’t want first. Once that’s out of the way you can write down your must-haves and your wish list items. Then all you have to do is see what your budget covers. 

Research Online 

One of the best ways to find out what you like is to start researching online. Pinterest is usually a good start but its algorithm can be limiting, in this case, you can try architecture magazines online and blogs, which often show off everything from timeless to trendy and every single style in between. 

Add Some Personality

One big thing to consider is to make your home yours. This means adding some small touches (or big ones) that show off your personality and tell everyone who enters the bathroom who you are, and what you like. 

Consider The Important Stuff

Don’t get carried away with the colour of the walls that you forget the actual use case of the bathroom. You need (depending on size) a basin, storage, toilet, shower and maybe even a bath. So, make sure these are all high quality and working to order and your bathroom will function correctly.

Lighting Matters

Light is not something to ignore. Some people like just one large white light, but this isn’t very accurate and doesn’t actually show people’s skin tones correctly. Instead, opt for mimicking natural light, or maybe some more interesting lighting such as wall sconces to show off your walls or drop lighting if your ceilings are high. 

Planning is Vital

Know the space you need to work with. Have the dimensions on hand, do all the trial and error you need and make sure you know what you want the most because this will make life easier when communicating with the people undertaking the renovation.

Choose The Experts

When you choose an expert team to do the work for you, such as the team at MW Homes, to handle your bathroom renovations in Melbourne, you’re essentially ensuring your investment is returne down the line. There’s a reason they’re the experts, they know what they’re doing, and they do it well. 

Check The Layout

Before you start buying showers and toilets and that dream bathtub, check to make sure everything fits and works with your existing plumbing. The experts can help you with this, but before you buy anything, you need to know if the layout will work first. 

Consider Cleaning

Bathrooms need to be kept clean and sanitary, so choose a design that’s actually easy to maintain and clean and you’ll be thanking yourself in the long run. 

Be Budget Wary

You will want to know if the layout of your bathroom aligns with your budget. If you get too over the top, you’ll end up with something that needs pipework to be move, new floors and subfloors install, extra waterproofing to be done and before you know it, you’re hundreds to thousands of dollars over budget.