The Ultimate Guide to Decorating with Hobby Lobby Farmhouse Lamps

The Ultimate Guide to Decorating with Hobby Lobby Farmhouse Lamps

Decorating with Hobby Lobby farmhouse lamps can add a cozy and rustic touch to your home decor. Whether you’re going for a farmhouse chic look or want to enhance the rustic charm of your space, here’s the ultimate guide to decorating with Hobby Lobby farmhouse lamps:

Choose the Right Lamp Style:

Start by selecting farmhouse-style lamps from Hobby Lobby that match your overall decor theme. Farmhouse lamps often feature materials like distressed wood, metal, and burlap shades. Popular styles include mason jar lamps, lantern-style lamps, and rustic table lamps.

Consider Scale and Proportion:

Ensure that the size of the lamp complements the scale and proportion of the room and the furniture it will be placed on. A large lamp on a small table may overpower the space, while a tiny lamp on a large surface might look out of place.


Think about where you want to place your farmhouse lamps. Common locations include bedside tables, end tables, console tables, and mantels. These lamps can also work well as decorative pieces on shelves or as accent lighting in a cozy reading nook.

Pair with Coordinating Decor:

Create a cohesive look by pairing your lamps with coordinating decor items. This can include farmhouse-style furniture, rustic wall art, vintage-inspired accessories, and natural elements like potted plants and wooden trays.

Mix and Match:

Don’t be afraid to mix and match lamp styles and finishes to add visual interest to a room. Combining different farmhouse lamp designs can create a layered, eclectic look.

Consider Lampshades:

Pay attention to the lampshades when decorating with farmhouse lamps. Burlap, linen, and fabric shades are popular choices that enhance the rustic feel. You can also customize lampshades to match your decor, such as using a stencil or fabric covering.

Use Lighting for Ambiance:

Farmhouse lamps not only provide task lighting but can also contribute to the overall ambiance of a room. Consider using dimmable bulbs or lamps with adjustable brightness settings to create different moods.

Incorporate Vintage and Repurposed Items:

Farmhouse decor often incorporates vintage and repurposed items. Combine your lamps with antique books, weathered picture frames, or reclaimed wood furniture for an authentic farmhouse look.

Add Texture and Layers:

Incorporate texture into your farmhouse decor by using items like woven baskets, textured rugs, and distressed wood furniture. Layering textures can make your space feel cozy and inviting.

Personalize Your Decor:

Add a personal touch to your farmhouse lamp decor by displaying family photos, heirlooms, or DIY projects that reflect your style and story.

Maintain Balance:

Keep the overall balance of the room in mind when decorating with lamps. If you have multiple lamps in a space, ensure they are evenly distributed to create a harmonious look.

Maintain a Clean and Cozy Aesthetic:

Farmhouse decor often leans towards simplicity and cleanliness. Avoid clutter and keep your space well-organized to maintain the cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Remember that the key to successful decorating with Hobby Lobby farmhouse lamps is to blend rustic elements with your personal style. Whether you’re going for a classic farmhouse look or a more modern twist, these lamps can be versatile additions to your home decor.