Fixing the Side Gap: Tips and Tricks for Adjusting Your Garage Door

Fixing the Side Gap: Tips and Tricks for Adjusting Your Garage Door

Fixing the side gap on your garage door is essential for both security and energy efficiency. An uneven or improperly aligned garage door can allow drafts, pests, and even intruders to enter your garage. Here are some tips and tricks to help you adjust your garage door and eliminate that side gap:

Safety First:

Before you start adjusting your garage door, ensure your safety. Disconnect the power to the garage door opener to prevent accidental activation.

Inspect the Tracks:

Begin by inspecting the tracks on both sides of the garage door. Look for any obstructions, debris, or damage that might be causing the misalignment. Clean the tracks if necessary.

Tighten Loose Hardware:

Check all the nuts, bolts, and screws that hold the garage door hardware together. Tighten any loose ones, especially on the side with the gap.

Adjust the Tracks:

  • Loosen the bolts holding the vertical tracks to the wall and the horizontal tracks to the ceiling.
  • Gently tap the tracks with a rubber mallet to align them properly.
  • Use a level to ensure they are plumb and level.
  • Retighten the bolts once the tracks are aligned correctly.

Check the Rollers: Inspect the rollers on the garage door. If they are worn or damaged, replace them. Lubricate the rollers and tracks with garage door lubricant to ensure smooth operation.

Balance the Torsion Springs:

A properly balanced garage door is crucial. If your door is heavy on one side, it can cause a side gap. Consult a professional to balance the torsion springs if you are not experienced in this task.

Adjust the Limit Switches:

If your garage door opener has limit switches, adjust them to ensure the door opens and closes completely. This can help eliminate gaps.


Consider adding or replacing weatherstripping around the sides of the garage door. This will help seal the gap and prevent drafts and pests from entering.

Replace or Repair Panels:

If the side gap is due to damaged or bent garage door panels, consider repairing or replacing them. Ensure that the new panels are installed correctly.

Professional Help:

If you’re unsure about any of these adjustments or if the side gap is still not resolve, it’s best to seek the help of a professional garage door technician. They have the experience and tools to diagnose and fix the issue safely.

Regular Maintenance:

To prevent future side gap issues, perform regular maintenance on your garage door. Lubricate moving parts, check for loose hardware, and clean the tracks and rollers periodically.

Consider a New Garage Door:

If your garage door is old, damaged, or beyond repair, it might be worth investing in a new, properly installed garage door that meets modern standards for safety and efficiency.

Remember that garage door adjustments can be complex, and safety is paramount. If you’re uncomfortable with any part of the process, it’s always best to consult a professional garage door technician to avoid accidents and ensure a proper fix.