Gamechangers: 4 Awesome Kitchen Makeover Designs in 2024

Gamechangers: 4 Awesome Kitchen Makeover Designs in 2024

It’s a new year and for many homeowners this means one thing: kitchen makeover. No, this is not something you want to undertake at the end of the year, when the mind and body is weary. This is a fresh start, something to do early on so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour throughout the year and beyond!

If you are considering a kitchen makeover then you must be thinking about what you can do to optimise the space. The ultimate aim of every kitchen should be the perfect marriage of form and function. Here, we will give you four tips on how to do just that, so that your space is one that you feel good cooking in:

The subtle touches are key

They may seem innocuous, but sophisticated subtle touches like black cabinet handles are ideal for adding a sophisticated aesthetic. They provide a kitchen with elegant accents that are a joy to behold. What’s more, when you purchase high quality accents, you can trust that they will last the test of time having been made from strong, sturdy materials.

Easy-clean floors

The kitchen is the home’s energy factory, the place where food is prepped and families get together to eat and chat. Naturally, this makes it a space that is highly susceptible to mess as well as the occasional wear and tear. Therefore, when considering all the other makeover essentials, why not consider adding highly durable and easy-clean flooring?

The price to replace your flooring system will depend on the type of material you choose and the kitchen’s size. Wooden flooring is a highly popular choice for many homeowners because it harmonises style, cleanability and durability. It also provides a comfortable and sophisticated aesthetic that homeowners love. Finally, they are renowned for their strength and longevity, ensuring you will enjoy your space for many years to come!

The kitchen island

Many homeowners think that kitchen islands are only ideal for larger spaces – this is a total misconception! In fact, kitchen islands are perfect for any sized kitchen. Large or small, your space can truly benefit from installing one of these storage spectaculars, as they come in a range of sizes and functionalities.

For example, you might have a small kitchen but still desire a kitchen island’s food prep and storage capabilities. Therefore, you can install a lock-wheeled kitchen island that you can move aside whenever it is not in use. Ensuring that there is still plenty of space to move around your kitchen.

What’s more, it can serve as a breakfast bar, with plenty of storage space for breakfast essentials like bread and cereal. It’s a true wonder of the modern kitchen and one of the ultimate additions to a busy home!

Open up the space

Many older kitchen designs prioritised cabinetry even in smaller spaces. Unfortunately, this can make smaller kitchens feel incredibly poky. If one of the reasons you want to remodel your kitchen is because it feels too small then removing the clunky cabinetry can be one of the best ways to open up the space!

Open shelving is just as effective as its doored counterpart. And they have an aesthetic appeal that gives your space a touch of elegance. It’s for these reasons that many homeowners with smaller kitchens remove the unwanted cabinetry and create open-shelved designs.

These four tips can do wonders for any kitchen makeover in 2024. New accents, floors, islands and shelving are some of the best ways to optimise your kitchen’s style. Space and functionality, and will give it an enhanced feeling of comfort and convenience.