How Tan France Designed a Chic Nursery for His Son: A Closer Look

How Tan France Designed a Chic Nursery for His Son: A Closer Look


Parenthood brings about immense joy and excitement, especially for celebrities who often go the extra mile to create a perfect environment for their little ones. Tan France, renowned fashion expert and one of the stars of the hit. Netflix show Queer Eye, recently welcomed his first child into the world. As expected, the stylish icon did not disappoint when it came to designing his son’s nursery. In this in-depth exploration, we will delve into the intricate details of how Tan France curated a chic and functional nursery, blending his signature style with practical parenting needs.

Creating a Personalized Space:

The foundation of any well-designed nursery lies in its personalization. Tan and his husband, Rob France, took great care to infuse their son’s space with elements that reflect their family’s unique identity. From custom-made furniture to handpicked artworks, every item was chosen with love and consideration. Tan’s expertise in fashion seamlessly translated into his approach to interior design, as he meticulously curated a color scheme that exuded warmth and tranquility.

Incorporating Stylish Furnishings:

One of the key aspects of the nursery’s design was the selection of stylish and functional furnishings. Tan France opted for pieces that not only looked chic but also catered to the baby’s needs. The crib, for instance, was a sleek and modern design crafted from sustainable materials, emphasizing the family’s commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Matching changing tables and storage units were strategically placed for easy access, ensuring both convenience and aesthetic harmony.

Embracing Neutral Tones and Soft Textures:

Neutral tones formed the backbone of the nursery’s color palette. Soft shades of beige, ivory, and muted pastels adorned the walls, creating a serene ambiance. Tan France expertly balanced these neutral hues with pops of color in the form of decorative accents. Such as vibrant throw pillows and playful wall art. Additionally, he incorporated various textures. Such as plush rugs and velvety curtains, providing a sensory-rich environment for the baby while adding depth to the overall design.

Infusing Sentimental Touches:

Incorporating sentimental touches is a hallmark of a well-designed nursery, and Tan France did not overlook this aspect. He artfully integrated family heirlooms, including vintage toys and cherished baby clothes, creating a sense of heritage within the space. Handwritten letters and framed photographs adorned the walls, serving as constant reminders of the love and warmth that enveloped their growing family.

Prioritizing Functionality and Safety:

Tan France’s keen eye for design was complemente by a deep understanding of functionality and safety. The nursery was meticulously organize, with every item having its designate place. Ample storage solutions ensured that baby essentials were readily accessible while maintaining a clutter-free environment. Safety was paramount, with carefully baby-proofed corners, secure electrical outlets, and a well-monitored temperature control system, guaranteeing the baby’s well-being at all times.

Embracing Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Choices:

In line with his commitment to sustainability, Tan France made conscious choices when it came to nursery essentials. From organic crib mattresses to non-toxic paints, every element was carefully selecte to minimize the family’s ecological footprint. Recycle materials were incorporated into furniture, and energy-efficient lighting illuminate the space, demonstrating Tan’s dedication to creating an eco-conscious environment for his child.


Tan France’s journey into parenthood brought forth not only a beautiful addition to his family but also a masterclass in nursery design. Through his meticulous attention to detail, emphasis on personalization, and dedication to functionality and safety, he transformed a simple room into a chic, nurturing haven for his son. By infusing his signature style with heartfelt sentiment and sustainable choices. Tan created a space where his child could thrive, surrounded by love. Style, and a deep respect for the world they would grow up in. This closer look at Tan France’s nursery design serves as a source of inspiration, showcasing how thoughtful design can enhance the early experiences of a newborn while reflecting the values and personality of the family.